Top 10 Reasons why physical Fitness is Important

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Fitness is very significant part of our overall health for various reasons. The question is what exactly is fitness? For an average person, fitness helps us to live life to the fullest and includes these three important aspects of our being; physical, mental and emotional health.

Doctors also assert that these three aspects of a person play a vital part in our lives.  If a person is physically, mentally and emotionally fit, he will be able to ward off many ailments.

Health and fitness is a matter of grave concern. We all should set an example for our children. This post is not only for the ones who take their fitness seriously but also for those who take it for granted.

However, when we think of fitness, or being fit, we are usually referring to physical fitness and understanding its benefits can help you maintain good health and improve your complete quality of life.

Here, I have compiled a few advantages of regular physical activity and then in future posts we will discuss other aspects of fitness too such as mental and emotional.


We are all aware that having a well-planned fitness regime is beneficial not only for our body but also our mind. The clarity that is brought in by following a regular work-out routine be it in the gym. Like kickboxing, yoga or Zumba, is crucial for your health.

Your heart-rate, muscles, and brain all benefit from exercising on a daily basis. Just like food provides nourishment to your organs, exercising helps to enrich your mind. This is primarily because following a set routine creates repetitive memory which further enhances the mind’s ability to function better. Thus, follow a regime for the best ideas to follow naturally!


Being physically fit helps to keep blood pressure under control. The heart is a muscle and if it is not exercised it will not be healthy. When you are fit, your heart is less likely to develop the many heart diseases found in so many people today. Walking is said to be the ultimate way to remain fit, with 2000 steps per day great for exercising the heart and keeping those joints supple.


Now, this is a well-kept secret that we are sharing with you today! Fitness is vital for your mind and body. But taking time off is another reason that you need it in your routine. The idea is that whenever you are exercising, away from the work pressure, personal problems and the like, your soul gets to snooze off for at least an hour. This experience is rejuvenating and you’ll appreciate your life more!


Talking of joints, exercise – fitness – is good for anyone with arthritis or stiff muscles. Gentle exercise from walking or swimming helps to strengthen the muscles, joints and ligaments so that the range of motion is maintained or even increased. Regular exercise and physical activity increase muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, and stability. Physical fitness can reduce your risk for and resilience to accidental injuries, especially as you get older. For example, stronger muscles and better balance mean that you’re less likely to slip and fall, and stronger bones mean that your less likely to suffer bone injuries should you take a tumble.


Exercising induces sweating for all human beings, some experience more while others tend to experience it less. However, this process is beneficial for all since the body loses toxins while your mind is already relaxed as it is from all life’s struggles. Moreover, your skin will also glow and tighten up which is always a welcome bonus!



Being fit is caused by physical activity, but such exercise also makes us healthier emotionally. It gives us a sense of purpose and reduces feelings of lethargy and depression. When you get out and about on your walk you will see or meet other people and this social interaction is also necessary to keep you feeling good about yourself and your life.


Being fit means you will not be overweight – or at least, not as much as those people who never exercise. Being overweight causes a lot of problems, from worn joints to heart disease and many problems in between, as well as making you feel bad about your body image. When you are fit and healthy, you will always be more confident and happier as you tend to seek out people and activities that help you enjoy life. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your risk for some cancers. In other words, staying active is a crucial part of maintaining good health and wellness.


While looking healthy and feeling fit are key factors in a well-rounded health plan, you will also experience a growth in your confidence! This is because exercising helps you boost your self-worth as you not only improve your physical health but your mental health experience positive changes too.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases cause 7 out of 10 deaths in the U.S., and treating chronic diseases accounts for 86% of U.S. healthcare costs. While some diseases cannot be prevented, you can reduce your risk for certain disease – such as heart disease and diabetes – through reducing risky behaviors and living a healthy lifestyle.

Making healthy choices, such as engaging in regular physical activity, can reduce your risk for many health issues and complications that can result in expensive medical care.


Numerous studies have shown that regular physical activity increases life expectancy and reduces the risk of premature mortality. There’s not a magic formula that translates hours of physical activity into hours of life gained, but research suggests that people who are more active tend to be healthier and tend to live longer. Reduce your risk of injury.


So, i have unfolded for you some of the most worthy health tips that will help you have an enriching lifestyle!. So what’s the first thing to do to start getting fit?. Hit the gym, buy a yoga mat or dance your troubles away, Go for a walk. Each day go a little further. Soon you will be able to walk two kilometres without feeling breathless. But always consult your healthcare professional before starting any fitness regime. The choice, truly, is always yours!

So what do you think about the benefit of fitness?

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